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Touched by Aloha Jewelry

Touched by Aloha Jewelry is designed with Aloha to be as special as the person wearing it. I began creating jewelry in 2008. I was visiting my son while on a business trip to Tampa, Florida when we visited a bookstore. There sitting at the checkout counter just waiting for me was a green box with the title “Learn How to Make Jewelry”. It was marked 75% off, costing only $7.00! A deal I couldn’t resist. The kit came with instructions and material for several necklaces, bracelets and earrings.
What a bargain!


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Handcrafted Jewelry

On the plane home to Hawaii, I browsed through the instructions and thought, “I can do this”. Once home I was busy for several weeks catching up from the trip but every night I would browse through the instructions to learn more about the beading process. Two weeks later, I was driving through Kailua town when I noticed a bead store. One hour later, with a very small bag with my $150 purchase, I was on my way to becoming a beading addict.


Beading has become a passion for me. If I go several days without beading, the beads start calling my name and I must answer by making more jewelry. Beading is my 3rd career. I worked 10 years a civilian nurse before joining the Army. I served 23 years as an Army Nurse. After retiring from the military, I became an educator at a local university; thirteen years later, I retired for second time. I decided to pursue my passion for making jewelry.

I chose to name my jewelry business, Touched by Aloha after spending 12 years of my military career in Hawaii. I chose to retire in Hawaii because of the Aloha Spirit. “Aloha Spirit” means the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It’s a way of living to treat everyone with love and respect. Each piece of my jewelry is carefully crafted, with Aloha using the finest Swarovski Austrian crystals, freshwater pearls, gemstones and precious metals. My designs are transgenerational, some with a Hawaiian flair, some very traditional, and some for the young in heart but all are “Touched by Aloha”.

I hope that you will enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I have enjoyed making it for you.

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